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Thanks for stopping by! Come experience for yourself . . .

. . .  A Loving Family!

We just can’t help but love a God Who loved us first – last – and foremost!  He loves us despite our hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Though we’re far from perfect, He loves us perfectly and that love compels us to love Him back in faith and worship. We know Him through a personal love relationship. We grow in Him through the Bible, prayer, and group friendships. We show Him through hopeful living and helpful ministry. Come Join us in this CalvaryLife!

. . . Authentic Friendship!

The love of Jesus spills out into our love for one another. In fact, we not only love one another, we LIKE one another! We’re certainly not all alike. We’re as diverse as the community around us. We dress differently, speak with different accents, enjoy different styles of music, so our worship style is diverse and blended. We enjoy each other’s unique personalities and interests. We learn from one another and help one another live out of the overflow of Christ’s life in us. Let us become your friends as we journey together in this CalvaryLife!

 . . . A Growing Faith!

Hey, we don’t have it all together either. But we’ve found the Bible to be faithful and reliable. So we spend time together on Sunday mornings at 9:15 probing and discussing its timeless truth. You can be confident that dedicated leaders in every department will lovingly guide minds and hearts of young and old toward a trusting faith in God’s word and ways. Children worship right along-side adults during 10:30 Sunday morning worship, but can choose to go into Children’s worship while adults remain to hear a passionate message that’s practical and helpful. The idea is that through an informed mind, a challenged heart, and engaged faith we move along toward maturity as Christ followers. That’s why Jesus came to live and die and rise again – for everyone! Why, it just wouldn’t be heaven without you!

 Come – and journey with us. Experience for yourself what we fondly describe as the CalvaryLife!

Phone: (815) 874-4136
Email: Mike@calvarylife.net
Facebook: Calvary Life Group

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  1. Pastor says:

    Join the conversation! How do you handle times when your faith is tested by the prods and pokes of friends and acquaintances? What measures do you take to stand firm in times of temptation? What tips can you offer to others who are seeking to live right in a wrong-way world?

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